It's Just Me; Dont Get Too Excited.
Justine Noelle Lawson: 18
United States,
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Anonymous said: post a selfie!



Don’t judge me ju #LEH!!

This is my fucking face. Wut.

You are ignored. Have fun stealing my photos now. BITCH!

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3: pg23 ln17
"But my mother begged me. She said, ‘It’s very important for Fudge to eat. Please help us, Peter.’" p>24: Do you have a collection of anything?

I don’t have a complete collection of anything. I do have this album that I’ve shoved full of keepsakes and it’s heaping full. I’m a miniature hoarder. I’m also starting to gather all of these mismatched tea cups, mugs, and teapots..

62: What’s your favorite animal?

I’ll avoid the cliche of jungle cats and large dogs that I always answer with. I think sloths are cute mother fuckers.

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Hey, brahs. I felt pretty today.
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I really want you to want me. I know that sounds bad, but I sure as fuck won’t be putting in all the effort.
Life, do me a fucking solid for once.

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i have some some serious art block. so, here’s me with my new hair cut. 

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ekaterina-koroleva: Sketch by Ekaterina Koroleva
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